How To Find A First Date

It's right around the corner.

Posted by Michael Karly on January 17, 2016

For some people, the distance between where they stand, and where they feel need to be, in order to get a first date, can feel like the length of a few galaxies. The truth of the matter is that you aren’t as far from that first date as you might think. It just feels that way.

Believe it or not, but knowledge can help you to close that gap to a considerable degree. You could even venture to say that the more you know about how to get a first date, the more confident you are going to be.

With that in mind, when it comes to getting a first a date, there are a number of things you want to keep in mind. From knowing how to present yourself, to knowing where you can go to meet people, to knowing a few good places for that first date you’re going to get, a little knowledge can definitely go a long way.

Where To Meet People

Do you feel overwhelmed by your range of choices to find potential mates? If you do, that’s certainly fair enough. However, when it comes to social media, dating sites, or meeting people in offline locales, it’s important to understand that you do not need to dive into every single option simultaneously. That’s a good way to burn yourself out. Focus on one or two possibilities, at least at the beginning. Use sites like Tinder or Snapchat to at least give yourself a sense of your options. Social media is definitely going to be one of your first areas of interest.

Even Facebook can prove to be a place to meet new people. However, this opportunity can be tricky, since we tend to use certain social media sites to engage people we already know. Still, social media hubs like Facebook can give you an easy outlet for meeting people. For example, if you happen to meet someone, you can exchange Facebooks, and opt to start using Messenger to get a conversation going.

There are a ton of dating apps out there. Tinder is one possibility, but it’s not the only one by a long shot. Many of the major dating sites that are out there ( is one example of what we are talking about) right now feature app versions of their main service. Don’t be afraid to check those out. If you like Snapchat and enjoy Snapchat nudes check out SnapSexter. It’s a great app for Snapchat sexting and to meet locals for a first date. Although again, don’t overwhelm yourself. Keep it to one or two dating sites at a time, if you do choose to include dating sites in your range of possibilities.

Don’t forget: Although we definitely think that social media and dating sites need to be part of your experience, we don’t want you to make that the only avenues you explore. If your coworkers go out for drinks after work, tag along. We’re not saying date your coworkers (under almost no circumstances should you even do that to begin with). But it does put you into a nice, controlled social situation, where you can focus on different things, if you happen to have some anxiety about dating. Go to birthday parties and Facebook events. Sign up for a class. Get a dog. You can even (but probably shouldn’t) ask your friends to set you up.

How To Get A First Date

And when it comes to getting that first date, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t ask for a date right away. Develop a rapport. Try to work against your natural impatience.
  • Be positive: You don’t have to explode sunshine with every word and gesture, but a sincere, consistently positive attitude is definitely going to make the right impression on you.
  • Show interest: An engaged listener is definitely going to want to keep talking to you.
  • Engage their interests: If they talk about their work or interests, engage those things with questions.
  • Good body language: People have written whole books on how to create body language that puts a person at ease, and makes them more approachable.
  • Dress well: Again, we’re not saying you need to go to any extremes. You should still lean on your best casual outfit for something like a first date.
  • Eye contact: Don’t stare them down, but remember that your eyes are speaking volumes to your first date about your interest, ability to pay attention, etc.

First Date Ideas

The great thing about a first date is that it can be just about anything. Dinner and movies are fine, but they aren’t the only things in town. Even better, make yourself open to suggestions from the other person.