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Southern Sons GospelThe Southern Sons, a traditional singing group, is one of the greatest gospel groups in the United States! They have been ministering through gospel music for more than 20 years. This dynamic group received a

Historically, a group of young men from Cordova, Tennessee were inspired by well known gospel groups and later formed The Southern Sons Christian louboutin outlet. Today, The Southern Sons are God-fearing and God inspired servants. They know, through years of experience, that one must be rooted in the Word and disciplined enough to work as long and hard as it

According to Bob Holloway, lead vocalist, “Gospel music is real music touching real people. Sometimes we are asked why we sing gospel.” Our response remains the same, “Singing is Soul-Satisfying; there is a certain love one develops for singing over a period of time that cannot be explained."The Southern Sons of Memphis love to sing and minister. Paradoxically, ministry is the most important part of their mission. They are committed to uplifting and exalting the name of Jesus Christian louboutin Sale, to encourage, renew, and revitalize the faith of Christians by bringing a message of hope and love.

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